Ideas for my Flat Condo?

I bought a Flat Condo a long time ago and I’m not sure what to do with it. It’s been collecting dust for ages now and I want to take a break from my main condo. So any ideas would be appreciated! Oh and don’t make it to expensive I just dropped a lot of units on my main condo.

Make a bunch of rooms and buildings out of comments. :joy_cat:


A giant cardboard box fort?


You could always build a dirt house minecraft style if you want something cheap. Somewhere around 15-20 canvases to make that work.

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A small cramped village, like a dwarf village from some fantasy game. Or you know, Whiterun from Skyrim.


Actually I might do this when I get some more units because:

  1. I love fantasy themed things

  2. It would make a perfect use for the mushroom lamps

But it would be a lot easier if you could scale objects. Anyways thanks for the suggestion.

Thanks for the ideas everyone! If anyone has another one, I might take it consideration.

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Starbucks on a star