Ideas for a new Gamemode!

Elevator with levels to pass through, in co-op? Sign me up!


Not just co-op, 4 or more players. It would need to be a pretty big elevator though :new_moon_with_face:

I thought co-op means co-operation in general, not player count.

It does, however when it comes to games, co-op typically tends to be 2 player.

Sounds more right than what I said haha! It’s been too long since I saw it, named but without function.:confounded:


Don’t look at an empty canvas and imagine what you could fill it with. Instead, have an idea and then figure out how to fit it in the canvas.

Don’t brainstorm some gamemode idea into existence just because there’s an empty slot, we already have plenty of gamemode suggestions in the suggestions category, just post the ideas as threads.

If the choice for this slot happens to be a competition of the ideas from this forum, it should be a fair match and not reduced to candidates from this thread. I could just suggest mine and have an unfair advantage. (Please don’t click the link so I don’t have an unfair advantage. :grin:)

If it’s not reduced to ideas from this thread, this thread has no point.

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Just gonna put this here

illuminati race its like ball race just with more you know illuminati (and you are a triangle)

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Copied these from the website:

Harvest - 12 Players

Grow crops and build up your farm through even the harshest seasons of the year. Compete with other farms in attempt to collect the most cash from crops or livestock.

Monotone - 8 Players

The concept surrounding this gamemode is loosely based on The Unfinished Swan. Players will explore the mysterious world of solid colors by ink-blotting the opposite color.

Little Nostalgia - 8 Players

A side-scrolling adventure game with charm and a knack for video game nostalgia. More information coming soon.

2D Knockout - 12 Players

A side-scrolling deathmatch brawl. More information coming soon.

Conquest - 8 Players

Travel across the sea to different islands. Explore this fantasy world and its dungeons. Collect gold, special items (such as a torch). Completely top down.

Unannounced Coop Puzzle Game - 32 Players

More information coming soon.

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The TU names for these games could be like this because some of these games have bad names.

Harvest = Farming Spree (sounds better than just harvest)

Monotone = Monotone (already a good name)

Little Nostalgia = Little Nostalgia (I really don’t know another name for this)

2D Knockout = Knockout (I just didn’t like 2D in that name even if it’s a side-scrolling game)

Conquest = Conquest (It’s a good name already)

Coop Puzzle Game = I don’t know as it had no name besides Quake Source (or maybe that was something else)

(I don’t know why I posted this but I won’t delete it)

I’ve actually been talking with @computerman about an idea for a gamemode, and while this idea is currently incomplete, it still has basics and some details so I’ll post it here. Basically, both of us have wanted more gamemodes that are either Player Vs. Environment or 1 Vs. All as the only gamemodes in GMT/TU that are like that are Zombie Massacre and UCH/Tiny Crusaders. So the basic concept that we came up with was “Non-Linear Deathrun” which also tries to tackle with some of the problems that I’ve had with Deathrun personally.

  • The gamemode is 1 Vs. All with a minimum of 5 players
  • One player at the beginning of each round is randomly selected to be the Daemon (The one who places and arms the traps) and is given a top-down view of the entire map where they can zoom in or out of any part of the map
  • The Daemon gets 30 seconds to 1 minute to secretly arm and place traps throughout the map while everyone else is both figuratively and literally, left in the dark
  • The remaining players have 2 - 4 minutes to go around the map to collect unit bags that spawn (mainly near the ends of traps) throughout the map (unit bags may become a placeholder for something else)
  • The traps do not have to be done in any specific order, only when unit bags spawn at the end of them
  • If a player goes AFK or they don’t move too much from their current position (I.E. Stay in a small area) for a set amount of time, they automatically die and it counts as a kill for the Daemon, thus encourages people to not dawdle and actually complete the traps somewhat quickly
  • Daemon Payouts: 25U(Thanks for Playing) + (25U X # of players killed) + 100U if all players are killed (maybe scale base on number of players)
  • Player Payouts: 25U(Thanks for Playing) + (10U X # of unit bags collected) if you survive

I don’t have a name for this gamemode idea yet, but I may come back to edit this post later, or create a dedicated thread so I can expand on this idea and maybe get it fully fleshed out.

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The Coop Puzzle Game was going to be called Puzzle: Impossible but it was scrapped ages ago.

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I’d really love to see 2D Knockout in TU. You know, fast paced, 2d bullethell. That would be really awesome

Sounds more like it was going to be a beat em up to me. Like street fighter.

Beat-em-up game, not bullet hell.

I was thinking when they release the workshop make a group to make a gamemode, who is with me?

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So the way it’d work is you get to customize your own frisbee like in minigolf and the main goal of the game is to throw it into a smaller version of those things they kick the ball into in football (Sorry not a sports person, but the thing looks like a Y) and if you miss you have to wait 45 seconds for your frisbee to come back in your hand and while you’re waiting you’ll have a weak pistol to try to kill others. Since I also figured we’d need defense, it’d be a 6v6 match and only 2 on each team are randomly chosen to be frisbee throwers. The people that aren’t chosen will have tommy guns and grenades and be able to pick up power ups (max ammo, rage mode, etc)

Roller Derby

It’d be like a roller rink and you can pick roller skates, skateboard, scooter, and whatever else and you have grenades only and it’s a 12v12 trying to get most kills. Along with power ups (Flying, Small, Rage mode, Nuke which is a 18 kill streak which wipes out the whole entire other team)

Both of these seem like they could just be games somewhere in the lobby.

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