Ideas and pleas for condos to make building a bit easier


Having played around with condos, placing objects etc here are a few suggestions.

1. Auto compact the inventory when you enter your condo, or provide a button to do so, and make items stay where you have put them!

At present you can end up with an inventory with lots of blank spaces in it meaning you have to scroll up and down looking for stuff. If you move items in your inventory where you want them then they go back to where the game wants them (all over the place) next time you enter your condo.

  • Please can we have a way of fixing where an item is in your inventory.

  • A way of getting rid of all the blank space in your inventory so all the items are at the top and not miles down the list.

2. Condo day night settings

The weather settings for your condo are now saved, but the day/night ones are not.You have to turn them off every time you enter your condo, a pain when you are building.

  • Please save the day/night settings as well as the weather.

3. Scaling and stretching objects often makes no sence and the axis are just wrong.

I logged this as a bug, but I’ll repeat it here. If you try and stretch a door in a frame then the door stretches on one axis, but the frame on a different one. It looks like the door’s width is fixed to the frame’s depth and the frame’s depth is fixed to the door’s width.

Other items behave equally oddly.

  • Please can someone go though all the object axis and fix them so they stretch as you would expect, with doors and frames fixed to the same axis and other items stretching as you would expect and not oddly, like having to use the z axis to stretch horizontally.

4. Keep the copycat tool settings between condo visits.

The copycat tool is great, but you have to keep setting it every time you vist your condo. Clicking save in the tools settings only does so for that session. It looses the settings the next time you log into your condo.

  • Please make the copycat and other tools remember their settings between condo visits.

5. Add an ability to texture items that at present can only be coloured and change the texture of items.

Stairs, window frames and so on can only be coloured (colored) so you cannot have wooden stairs, just brown ones. Doors, etc can have a colour added to the texture, but you cannot change the texture - so you cannot have a steel sliding door.

  • Please add the ability to texture all items that can only be coloured (in the same way as the condo walls etc can be).

  • Please add the ability to change the texture of items that already have one.

6. Add triangular walls etc

If you try and build a house, hut or whatever with a sloped roof you have problems filling in the walls at the end of the roof as there are no trianglular walls in the game. Same goes for if you wish to block in an area under stairs.

  • Please add equilateral and right-angled trianglular walls.

7. Please add ability to hover in your condo.

Simple one this, the jet pack goes up and down but cannot hover. This means that you have to try and stand on a wall when you are building anything with more than one storey.

  • Please give the jet pack a hover control so you can stay in one position in the air in your condo, for other areas - well whatever.

Many thanks.

Regarding point 7. You can simply noclip when in your own condo, I believe the key is V to toggle it. That will allow you to fly around at will and stop at any point you wish.


Point 2 is already being taken care of, they are already working on fixing that.

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  1. I am going to be remaking the UI very soon.

  2. This is being worked on.

  3. Scaling bugs are known and we have a patch for that in the making.

  4. I can look into adding this feature.

  5. I’ve actually been waiting for the tiling feature to be finished to add support for stairs and stuff.

  6. I’ll let Josh know.

  7. This is planned.


Just enter noclip mode for 7

a hover feature would be really cool for jetpack still
like i imagine people would be able to record really nice smooth footage of the plaza

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Hi Mac, All,

Thanks for the replies - didn’t know about the no-clip and look forward to the updates.