I went to go and install the B03 Beta. Then I saw the steam reviews

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COD in general is a shit game. The multiplayer is the exact same everytime! Just with a little change in the movement, everything else is same! Only difference though from Treyarch & Infinity Ward Cods is Treyarch has zombies. That’s the only reason why I would buy this game. Otherwise I’d just go play Black ops 1 or something older.

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I don’t mean to play devil’s advocate, but at least…they’re trying.

Treyarch is basically the only ones who have brought anything new to CoD that people liked in recent years. Black Ops had an engaging story (gasp) and moved the multiplayer back to the 1960s. While iW was trying to make MW3 good, Treyarch made Black Ops II, which pushed the game into the future but still kept the gameplay vanilla. iW went “fuck that” and added all the new movement controls in Advanced Warfare, which no one liked. Seriously, I saw more people in the vanilla movement playlists. Of course Black Ops III has to use the shit that iW added but they added a class system, which I think is really neat and adds dimension to the game. They also added the running mechanics from Titanfall.

While it’s not good, I feel like half of those reviews are the result of bandwagoning. It’s cool to hate CoD now, just like it’s cool to hate Windows 10 and Nickelback, but given with all the new stuff they added and the countless optimizations, I dare say this is the best CoD we’ve had in a while. After the flop that was Ghosts (DOGS) and the controversy of AW’s movement mechanics, Black Ops III is a welcome change. It’s not perfect, and I would be happier picking up Black Ops II to play a few games, at least it’s something new.

If you got the beta for free for owning Black Ops II, Ghosts, or AW, I’d give it a try. It just wasn’t my thing (I didn’t like the new movement) but I can still see the fun in it and how what they’re adding/changing can do better. And yes, you get the beta for owning Black Ops II, Ghosts, or AW. That second reviewer is a liar.

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*Windows 8… People like windows 10


But in all seriousness, I actually liked Windows 8. I like Windows 10 more, but still.