I understand why other minigames were cut, but what about Monotone?

Looking back, most of GMT’s cut minigames (IMO) seemed way too ambicious or simply not fitting Tower’s gameplay (looking at you, Puzzle: Impossible). Others, I guess, didn’t get the development time they needed before TU became a thing or were removed for simply being multiplayer extensions of existing games. There’s one minigame that always peaked my interest, however, and I’d like to hear the story behind it.

If you guys don’t want to talk about it for any reason, just lock the thread. Thanks!


If I had to guess, it probably just had little replay value. Once you play a map, it won’t change. Throwing paint on it for the 100th time won’t change where the walls/floors are, so it probably wouldn’t be too hard to memorize where you needed to go and what needed to be done. A puzzle isn’t fun if you already know the solution.


From the GMT trello (read bottom to top):

Lifeless’s imgur link: