I uhh... started a thing


Decided to start making a custom condo on gm_flatgrass, initially I was using wooden walls sort of as a marker, and I’m slowly removing them as I make walls out of canvas. Probably need to move this a bit, as the spawn point is directly in front of the theater screen, so when you spawn/respawn you’re staring at a black screen…

For now I’ve only added images to the canvas that can be seen while sitting on the couch. The goal is to have some actual textures in there at some point, but I wanted there to be minimal distractions when attempting to watch a video in this room. I also wanted to be able to see a realtime clock in-game while watching a video. Using the wonderful Laser Projector Digital Clock created by @BOTDan. Currently, at night (since the room’s not done yet) and with the black canvas image, it looks like this so far: :smiley:

Will probably add more seating when I’m not as poor. Thinking about adding some floor lighting to aid in movement. Right now I have the floor texture also set as black, which is great for videos but has no visual depth to it when trying to walk around. :upside_down:

Speaking of which if you need a solid black texture for any reason, here ya go:
https://static.sf3soft.net/tuimg/black5px.png     (This URL is cached by CloudFlare so you can use it directly)

It’s 120 bytes, it’s PNG so there’s none of that JPEG artifacting, 5px by 5px but the canvas items stretch/tile to the entire object nicely. Hooray for 30 seconds of mspaint :grinning:

I probably should have started using canvas blocks instead of regular canvas… 133 canvas placed so far. The item manipulation tools and Netflix make it pretty bearable tho… :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for those tools btw, they’re super useful. Using a grid size of 20 at the moment (just picked a number messing around) and it’s working quite nicely.