I Remember The Stress I Had From Trying To Join GMod Tower!

I Remember When I Tried To Join GMod Tower Sometimes On My Mac And It Crashes At A Certain Point And I Would Stress Out Cause I Wanted To Join And I Think Ive Only Had 2 Successful Joins to Gmod Tower. I Can Remember 1 Of Them On A Windows Laptop And I Can’t Remember The Other. I Srsly Don’t Miss The Stress From It.

Im Glad I Kinda Gave Up On Trying to Join GMod Tower.

I Love The Way You Structured Your Sentence With A Capital Letter At The Start Of Each Word. :confused:

It’s a bit strange writing / reading like that, alright.

Was about to say :P, but decided against it cause I didn’t wanna semi-semi-revive a simple complaint thread.
Yeah It’s Annoying When People Type Like This. Could You Please Not Do This? It’s Quite Strange and I Never Knew Why People Did This.

I don’t want to insult the guy ;_____; but my ocd is just dying.