I Recreated My GMT Suite in TU

Since workshop support was added and GMT models were put on the workshop, I decided to recreate my suite from memory (I lost the screenshots for them since the laptop I played GMT on was wiped). Here’s the video:


i like the part where he played the piano

this is really nostalgic i need to do this aswell

I would love to do this, can’t for the life of me remember my condo layout though.

(Sorry for the super ultra bump)

Since Reunion came out, I decided to take some screenshots of my suite before I started adding more items to it so I could make it in TU without relying on my memory entirely. It’s a lot more boring than I remember it being, and I think I forgot to remove my Halloween decorations. Here’s some screenshots:

(The TF2 poster on the 6th screenshot is supposed to be a UCH poster but I couldn’t find it online. I didn’t take a screenshot of the closet because there’s nothing in it)


Woah. I get the GMT vibes from this

The only way to paint my floor at that time was putting tons of posters.