I proudly announce one of my bigger projects: Ragerace


I have so far made 4 RC maps with different themes which I’ve in the past months showed a bit off in the condo showcase as well in discord. I’ve aimed to build them with themed obstacles as well a beautiful surroundings.

The game itself is quiet simple all you need is a RC car which can be bought in the toystore for 12.000 units.
Any other RC vehicle may not be used as some of them are faster or can jump.

You start at the track selection area where you choose which track you and the rest vote which map you want to play.

After that the map will be loaded (or crash my game due to fatal error. Don’t worry I can load my game up fast again.) and you are ready to go.

The maps I’ve made so far:

Snowy Fields:

Wet Water: Fishes not included, yet.


The Park:

I’ve plans on continuing to expand with more maps and different themes later on, but for now these four will do for the time being. I’ve also plan to see if any other wish to support with their own creations for this ongoing project. As long they are in good quality (my standards), theme based, and has a prop limit under 1.500.

I might upload the track selection area map which you have to use to build the map on if interested. You will of course be credited for the map.

Otherwise I hope that we get some good experience and fun times with this.

Here is the link to download the RC track selection.

You put it in here:


This looks really cool! Is there any way to know when your condo will be up hosting the game? I have made a few RC maps of my own and would love to try some of yours since there are not a lot of other RC themed condos out there.