I played Ball Race in the Plaza

I was a big fan of the ball race orb in GMT, and I tried to recreate that in TU using a dedicated plaza server. Here’s a video:



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This is so cool.

How is this done exactly? I played a bunch of mixed games (virus on planet panic map for example), but I would like to know how to do it myself.

Just rename one of the ballrace maps to L_PlazaMain then whatever ballrace map you renamed that to, create a ballrace server with that name. Ex: renamed BR_Paradise to L_PlazaMain, then just start a ballrace server on paradise & you should be playing in the plaza, but will be broken as fuck lol.

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I seriously must be missing something. When I do that, using your example, when I pick paradise it loads up a plaza, but I’m still normal, not in an orb like the video above.

I copied over the ball race gamemode .uasset from my client into the dedicated server “Tower/Content/Blueprint/Games/Ballrace” folder, and did some config editing to change the lobby gamemode. This might not be able to be done with a client until workshop support is added.


Yeah, thats because the gamemode is stored in the map file itself, so for instance when we played virus on hillside i just changed the gamemode name from stash to virus

Lol, I get it, and at the same time I don’t. When I open the file, there’s a lot of stuff I can read that’s spaced out between a lot of NUL areas.

To config it just open DefaultEngine.ini in Notepad and do a Ctrl F for gamemode, and replace the line

If you attempt this on client, might want to make a backup.

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