I need help whith a plobrome

i can t download tower unite on my hard disk look

What operating system are you running?

The cause of said error is most likely that steam is trying to download files on a disk that is formatted with a file system that isn’t capable of holding the individual files because they are too large.
The problematic filesystem in question is most likely FAT32

Since you’re most likely running windows here’s the solution to the issue on windows

Troubleshooting for windows

Before doing these things: You could just tell steam to save the data in a different drive than the one it’s currently trying to download the game to, but that’s up to you.

First move your mouse over the “paused unsupported file system” to see where steam is trying to save the file, remember the drive letter that it tells you.

Now enter the search field on your computer and type “Disk Management”, then just click on the result that pops up.
Now in the window that has popped up look in section called “File System” and see what the partition is for the drive that steam was trying to save the data on.

If it’s FAT32 and not the drive you have your OS on (C: by default) you can head into the command prompt and convert the file system from FAT32 to something more recent such as NTFS or exFAT.

Just remember

Before you do this you should backup any data on said drive that you do not wanna lose in case something goes wrong during said process since the data could become corrupted.

Now that you have found the drive that formatted in FAT32 you can convert it to ntfs with this command:
convert drive: /fs:ntfs
Drive being the letter for whatever harddrive that was in FAT32 format, so if it was drive E: the command would be:
convert E: /fs:ntfs

If however the drive that is in FAT32 format is the one that holds your operating system then i would recommend a proper reformat and reinstallation of your operating system, and again before doing so remember that any information on your harddrive that you don’t wanna lose should be backed up to another harddrive or external device such as a usb before reformating and reinstalling the windows OS

And in case it isn’t windows you’re running on your pc:

Troubleshooting for mac

The mac os runs its own file system (AFS) which steam seems to be able to work with, only trouble steam seems to have with it is if it’s set to differentiate between upper and lowercase letters

Still worth checking.
Head into settings, click on “disk utility” and check if any of your disks or partitions is formatted in FAT32

If the disk doesn’t hold your os then just delete the partition and then create a new partition that isn’t in the FAT32 format

if the os is saved on the disk that is formatted with FAT32, backup all data you wanna keep and reinstall the os on the mac.