I missed the indiegogo

Can I buy a key for the closed version as I missed the indie Gogo and really would’ve donated if I found it in time

You can buy a key when Tower Unite goes out on Early Access in April.

Ah but that’s ages away , I really wanted to get one of the versions that is out now

That was for backers only, and the campaign is over. The next opportunity to purchase is the Early Access release.

Hang in there though! This community will keep you posted on any new content 24/7. Also as an alpha backer myself I can safely say that its not that exciting. Once you get over the inital hype of new content you kind of wish there was a huge server and community to back it up.

The devs are hard at work to complete the game and rest assured that when the game goes open to the public it will be way more fun then anything the alpha can manage.

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To be fair, there really isn’t a whole lot of gameplay yet, A lot of stuff is still being worked on

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