I Made a Theater Concessions Room for my Underwater Condo

#1 came out and I decided to make a theater concessions room for my satellite condo theater with some of the new items.

I made the food menus using paint 3d.

A fun game you can play with the soda machine:


The new items are lookin good!

(thx devs)


Ok so i would like to order some Popcorn and my friend would like the Crab Stew and Real Bones
And for the Soda of my own choice i would like the blood of innocents.




I can’t make that soda because if I do, my theater’s going to be shut down. Is cow blood okay?


Ya that’s alright, although if you would like to add some crushed coal to it that would be gravy.

In the meantime im gonna go fiddle around with the vending machine and try and invent a new sport with it.