I hope they improve their gamemodes!

infected zombie game mode feels unfinished and way behind a real fun shooter game…and the characters walk way to fast for such a tiny map! i prefer slower walking with a sneaky expierence in this type of gamemodes unless you also make bot s zombies like in call of duty to figth against…The characters also need way more customisation like clothes, hair styles…emotes or the way you walk. And what i most prefer to this game is adding a cool and sneaky murder mystery mode…Thanks for listening.

Virus is about speed. It’s also based on classic shooters, not modern ones. We have no plans to have emotes for Virus.


Sorry it’s not COD enough for you. Also changed a typo in your title.

If they did this, I’m not sure if I’d even play Virus anymore.

This is what i love about PTG. They do things the way their community wants them to be done, not because it’s popular.
Virus would suck if it was a modern FPS.

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