I have returned

Hello, I have returned from gmod tower :smiley: good to be back.


Welcome back to the tower! Just, don’t go to the casino, please. You’ll be trapped forever. Just play Little Crusaders instead! It’s fun.


I guess it’s high noot again.

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Welcome to the forums!
Enjoy your stay!

Don’t worry I have already lost 15k to the casino…

I really just wish this stuff would of transfered over. http://prntscr.com/ik4x6q

You can do that by going to Setting>Game/HUD/GMT Transfer. It’ll give you the price of your items in gmc in half, then transferred into Units.

may the path to the tower be with you fella

I transfered my coins, but nothing else would transfer over :frowning:

Since units have a different value from GMC, and items are priced differently, your items are converted to their equivalent GMC values (buy values, not sell values, and including condo upgrades from Lobby 2), and are then converted to units. Plus, some of the items don’t exist yet (such as the glass walls), so you wouldn’t be able to get those anyways.

Also, you should get some items with the transfer anyways, given you played 9+ hours (all the non-copyrighted trophies from GMT, and the Lobby 1/2 plates).

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