I Have a Cosmic Catsack Now


It’s everything I’ve ever wanted.


well you don’t have to rub it in >;(


If I were rubbing it in I would have said “haha u dont have a cosmic catsack u stink”.


oh ok


How many units did you spend on the cats? Aka how many did you open?


I’m not sure, I haven’t been keeping track of how many I bought.


i spent at least 300k on catsacks and i only got 1 silver catsack from a normal catsack, and 1 gold catsack


it probably would have been wiser to spend these 300k on silver catsack directly, considering it’s not an easy task to get gold catsacks in the first place, but It’s kind of impressive that you got to turn a normal catsack into silver then gold, the real cat-evolutions


don’t accidentally click it


But you can’t open it yet…