I hate autocorrect ._

If only other secs


I once also had autocorrect enabled on my iPad, except it corrected English words into GERMAN words ._.
Now that was terrible.

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Ahahahaha :laughing:

We need a program that randomly sets the language your phone autocorrects to every day.

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Duck you automatic carrot!

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I have a 3rd party keyboard on my iPhone where I swipe on the screen to type. While it is really fast to type, half of the time it auto-corrects words to something random and sometimes caPitAlizEs random letters in a word. One time it auto corrected “Tape” to “Rape”.


This community has a really horrible necro habit

My argument still stands

now I made this thread alive again.
I need to find something to auto correct

You had no reason to bump this

lock please

You don’t HAVE to lock it…

Why lock?

I like bumps

what’s so bad about necroing? there’s not much happening at these forums anyways

Well if you got nothing useful to contribute to a thread, why necro it?

Heck, most forums even ban people for useless bumps.

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I bumped this to see more autocorrects.