I got too much money (Units) when I started

I think I may have encountered a bug.

When I first started the game, I had 0 units, heard you can earn some playing mini golf so did that. Went back to the plaza, still had 0 units. Quit the game, went back in, and had over 2 million…

Now, is it just me or is 2 million WAY too much to have after half an hours play? Surely it’s a bug that I have that much? My achievements add up to 43000 which is more reasonable. It’s completely broken the earning/buying aspect of the game for me as I can literally just buy everything in every shop.

If it is a glitch that I have so much, is there any way I can get an account reset? I didn’t really know what I was doing anyway and bought a ton of stuff. I’d rather restart and have the sense of achievement that comes from earning things over time and effort.

I only have 9 hours played and a lot of that time was just standing around or chatting, so I don’t mind losing all progress. I’d like to lose all progress. Assuming it is a bug, is this something the devs could do for me, so I can enjoy the game as it was intended?


Hey Cloud,

This is definitely a bug and that’s crazy, never heard of this happening.

Trust me to find the random odd bug :smiley:
I’d be happy to help with any necessary log files etc if they decide a reset is possible

I have 23M and the game is still fun for me! But if you wanna just get rid of them, you could just buy lots of, say, shrines or some other item, and delete them permanently from your inventory.


Call it OCD or something but I really like doing things “properly” from scratch :frowning:

If they can’t help I guess that method is better than nothing but really wish I could just start from scratch and build up like everyone else got to.

If it makes you feel any better, 2M is nothing, you could use it to buy some real estate and you’d be all but broke after that, the grind goes way further