I got my key, check your spam!

HAAAAAH. I’m just kidding. I’m awful.



< include swearing words >

Omg you made me check it. How i hate you so~

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i got so excited ;-;
you’re pure evil

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You mother hugger

why would you do this ;-;

Kill the witch :sob:

You evil [Removed for the children].

I ALMOST TOOK A heart attack you meanie! >:C

I checked my spam anyway.
Turns out I can increase the size of my willy by over 10 inches!


DUDE, FORWARD THAT TO ME. I mean. uh. I know a guy

There hasn’t been a post in 7 minutes… Am I missing something? :fearful:

I think a bunch of people are too busy refreshing their email to post lol
either that or they died from hype induced heart attacks.

If you are, I am too. :[

RIP Everyone. At least they have already funded TU <3

And I apparently sent an email to myself about free sex dating…

Thats exactly what happened, I’m probably heading to bed, i dont have enough hype to stay up now, 2:38am here

I can’t blame you. 9:40 here and still waiting. I guessed anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours “late.” (No one’s fault, the community just hyped a bit too much!)

Well the good thing is my phone will go off when they email the key! :sunglasses:

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