I finally got 1000 Silver Catsacks!


After many many hours of bowling, ball race, etc I finally got the units to get 1000 Silver Catsacks. Worth 10000000 Units


I will surely record the opening of the catsacks, but should I make the condo public or private?

I’m also wondering if I do it publically should I wait for the Global Chat update to announce it?

Thanks for reading, Tower Unite and its community is great! :grinning:

I’m not sure if this topic should be in General or Community Showcase, move it if necessary

I got 2 Cosmic Catsacks in a row!

Ohhhh my, do it after the update, make it public.
that is my opinion personally but you can do what you want.


I would love to witness it :slight_smile:


ok thats where you go overboard i will NOT photoshop sad cat faces on 1,000 catsacks


Public, and yes, I’d happily come, but do it when people are awake. Sometime around 6pm GMT?


maybe at 9 pm GMT instead since that is the peak of players on Tower Unite


I’m thinking of doing it on July 26th because @A_Blue_Gryphon did it on 26th haha
Unless the Global Chat update comes before that date.


Jk, i’m too impatient. This friday 9pm GMT it is.

(or midnight 00:00 in GMT+3, the time I use)


Cool! Can’t wait! Your condo?


I’ll start the opening in 4 hours! See you there or not.


Silver Catsack opening in half an hour! Hope to see you there!


Whats the condo server called Lefty?


I wanted to go to bed but why not



Sorry for the huge necro, but I found the footage of the opening of the 1000 silver catsacks, not just the golden ones. Idk why it took me this long to finally to finally upload this.



Awesome. I still remember you getting 2 cosmics in a row.