I did it.... and made a thread about it

I guess I am the top poster on this forum now. That’s a bit scary.
And I bothered to make a thread about this, more wow.


Congrats on spending a lot of time on your favorite game’s forum!


its hard to say anything useful

To be fair, I have over 10k posts on facepunch.

Congraz btw!

Nice work! Not exactly sure why I was mentioned (probably because I play the forum games too much) but congratulations on being a big member in this community!

Edit: Oh, I see now. I’m just outside the range of the picture…

Congrats! And hey, there I am!

nice m9

*caboose’s look of betrayal *

I’m third place?
wow I should take a break

You people have far too much time on your hands.

Grats, though.

Nope, that’s not true.
You’re on top either if you are actually on top (which is happening in the picture), or you’re too low to actually appear on the leaderboard (if that’s what you can call it).

Yeah I saw, deleted my post

oh good I’m 5th place

I have 0 topics muted, 0 “new” topics and about 300 topics with unread replies. I wonder what I could have accomplished with those 13 days of forum browsing…