I decided to replay Skyrim for the first time in years

This game is truly magical.


Hey, you! You’re finally awake!


You were trying to cross the border, right?


Lol. What the? On a more serious note, though, I’ve been contemplating doing this for my stream but with the VR version. Think it’d be worth it. I’ve played bits of the beginning over the years to test mods, but I have played it start to finish since the first time I played back in 2011. I played a bit of the VR version when I first bought it and it definitely was quite nostalgic.

There truly is no other game like Skyrim. That’s such an amazing bug, did anything happen or were you truly stuck there?

Couldn’t move at all. I had a couple of mods installed but nothing that altered the start. Truly a great game. It just works.