I created a sun in my Condo

You guys are all acting smart and cocky about your super original condos, meanwhile I am a god and I have the ability to create stars in my bedroom!

(also comes in different colors)

How, you ask? Well, a god can’t reveal their secrets to filthy mortals!..
Actually, you need to hang a punching bag on one of the ceiling lights of your condo, and the light will reflect on the metal at the top of the bag, giving the impression of a miniature sun. :grin:


nice boI


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I’ve never heard of this thing you call “sun”

Good reason to make your own sun at home and discover its secrets :wink:

How do I know I can trust the sun? How do we know it isn’t lying to us? Is the sun going to double cross earth and the rest of the solar system? Im not sure i can trust this so called “sun”

Meanwhile you hear in the distance someone saying: Praise the sun!