I contributed $15 then I contributed $25.. I think I need some help?

Uh… I donated them separately because I was not aware there was a way to make the previous one disappear :frowning: I already contacted them via email but I’m wondering if this is faster… like I would like to know how to switch it to become the $30 perk with the other $5 donated as extra. I feel kind of dumb but I never used Indiegogo before so, I don’t know if this will be seen via email or here first but hopefully I get some help :disappointed_relieved:

How to Upgrade Your Perk

Indiegogo contributions are unfortunately non-refundable which means that you will have to work this out manually.

yeah i know… i didn’t see that upgrade thing till after i had already contributed a second time. I already sent an email but I figured it would be a good idea to post something here too just in case D: