I cant open game closi̇ng

I bought on steam but i cant open game ı need help ı try open game but coming loading screen 1 second and close ı cant solved problem. help pls

What are your computer specs?

You can also try validating your game cache.

There are usually two culprits when the game closes on boot. One can be that the computer just isn’t powerful to run the game (such as the computer only have integrated graphics) or that the graphics drivers need to be updated and/or reinstalled.

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I did verify but not solved.
CPU: Intel i5 1035G1
GPU: MX330
RAM:8 GB 2666Mhz

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I don’t have too much to add, but my cousin has the same issue when trying to play on her laptop, which also is using a MX line GPU. It gets to “LOADING Main” and then closes. Might be that MX GPUs don’t like the game. I do wonder if you tried running it on the Intel integrated graphics, if it’d work. Like- it’d be slower than using the dedicated GPU, but at least it’d (maybe) work at all.

I tried intel gpu but closing. Maybe problem has unreal engine 4 because same problem has Blazing Sails. Blazing sails using UE4.