I can't launch Tower Unite? (Resolved!)

Edit: After reinstalling the game, it finally worked! Thank you guys for the help. :slight_smile:

Hi. So, I finally got my computer. Downloaded Tower Unite, and Visual C++ 2013 and 2015. After I launched the game I got this message…
Failed to read file. Invalid Json Token. Line : 1 Ch: 1 (C:/Program Files

Please help me. I’ve waited so long for this moment.

EDIT: I clicked accept, and it told me that if I disabled SteamController Support, it would run but I wouldn’t be able to use certain assests. The game started to launch but then gave me this error…
Default Property warnings and errors:
Error: CDO Constructor (VehicleWheel): Failed to find

I then clicked accept, and then got this error…
Bad name index - 1641380927/114

And then it crashed.

Please help me devs

I moved this over to the Bug Reports section, just felt it was more suited to be there.

Did you try validating the game?