I Can't even play the game

So i recently bought the game and played it just a little with my friend and he showed me around his lobby, however while i was leaving (to the lobby) he disconnected and it froze everything. I had to completely shutdown my computer by the power button. After when i tried to get back on my name was replaced with “player” and had no money. i cant connect or even see any of the servers and have all the items in the game in my inventory. i really loved Gmod tower and of what i played this game as well however not being able to play really sucks. please relpy if you and helping advice or you have any similar effects. Thanks, ScythZ

You are not connected to Steam, or Steam is possibly down for maintenance.

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Many users have had the same problem. It almost always has something to do with your connection to Steam.
Make sure you connected to the internet/ Steam before you launch the game.

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i know for a fact that i am connected to steam i can shift tab but i cant click almost anything. (https://gyazo.com/4997ea637a09f4f79cd30b993484abe0) this is what it looks like

Do you have another Tower Unite running in the background?

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Thank you all for replying. after checking game cache and uninstalling twice on my third time restarting my computer it worked! (i have no idea why) it is very nice to know that people were trying to help. thanks!