I cant do backer!

I cant do backer for my tower unite account because, it says this when I try it “Email was not found on our database.”
and my email is jerickson71901@gmail.com
please respond back.:worried:

Best send a PM to one of the developers.

How do I do that?

Click one of the names. People that are most likely able to help you are Mac, Zak or SamM

Thank you so much @J_P

When I clicked on Mac’s name idk were to PM him.

Just press the blue Message button.

Idk were it is xD

Click on the name and this should show up:

it is not there for me

If it ain’t there, it means new users can’t send private messages.
@macdguy I summon thee!

Well then do I email him?

They have a company email, but they are slow to respond through it. That’s my experience at least.

So should I just wait :frowning:

Do i need to look through my emails to see if i have a email about the key i need?

I need to find my backer key. When i tried geting a new backer key it said Email was not found on our database.


You are making sure to use the email that you used on the Indiegogo right?

I dont know what the indiegogo is though all i know is i used to play gmt and now it wont let me request a key

If you didn’t donate to the Indiegogo, you won’t get backer status. The backer panel is only for those who donated to the Indiegogo.

oh so its just the people who donated on gmod tower @Caboose700