I cannot enter the Plaza

Hello, i bought the game 1,5 hours ago, i tried to enter the plaza but no server in list, always.
ss: http://image.prntscr.com/image/bb97bfdc585e41e1888fc0f4bfa3a86a.png

I refreshed many times but didnt worked.
Tried to verify files but didnt worked.

I can see minigolf or ballrace servers but plaza… 0 server is list.

Please help me :confused:

EDIT: fixed, the problem was the ports : https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=1456-EUDN-2493#ports

This is strange.

Is steam working? That may be a problem

Nope, I met him on a couple mini golf and virus games. If it is Steam then it would be all servers.

Then I am clueless

EDIT: I got an idea. Check your firewall and other programs, I just read that they sometimes block servers

Yeah, that may be the issue. I forgot about that.

no no, i dont use any antivirus guys :confused:

First get an anti-virus then someone else might help you since idk.

Windows has its own firewall as well.

Getting an anti-virus software isn’t a must if you’re surfing sensibly on the web. I didn’t have one for years and had zero infections. The only reason I have one now is I got a license from my friend for free. And only alerts so far have been false positives :stuck_out_tongue:

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actually i have, i scan in a week, then closing the a.virus

it closed too

So you do have an AV software. What brand?
And what do you mean by closing it? Do you actually kill its processes? Doing a scan and closing the window won’t actually close a proper AV.
If Windows firewall is disabled, it must mean that the AV has its own firewall.

I deleted game + steam, reinstall but still same, im crying…

It could be a region block, what country do you live in?

I thought it too, im from Turkey.
DNS is automatic, so idk what can i do :confused:

sure dude i closing it at task manager, kill proccess.
im using malwarebytesanti-malware

The free version? It has no firewall, so it’s best you keep Window’s firewall on. Otherwise you’re wide open for outside connections.
Malwarebytes isn’t an anti-virus solution. Even its developers suggest using an actual AV in tandem.

But the problem could even be your ISP blocking the connect to Lobby servers.

You can possibly reset your IP, if that doesn’t work, it’s a more serious problem with your ISP

tried many times :confused:
i think just the mods of game can help me, because they know about network.
They can detect the problem, help me mods please

What they are saying is pretty much the same steps I’d be telling you to do. We don’t know your exact computer setup.

I would follow this guide: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=1456-EUDN-2493