I am the Worst at Minigolf



Actually, @Zeeno is really bad. Like, SUPER bad.


This should be in general.

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Nah, I think Off Topic is okay for this. Maybe not Game Station though; I’ll move it to Off Topic.

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But this thread is about being bad at video games, so why not Game Station?

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Yeah I’d agree, that’s why I put Game Station

rly m8 because i am the worst because i normmaly get bogey +5’s and rarley Pars.

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Game Station is reserved for other games. If you look there now, people are talking about CSGO, Identity… All sorts of other games.

But I’m not sure if this thread has enough substance for a general post, and I came to the conclusion Off Topic is best. If you’d like, I could move it back for you whenever you like. I’m just trying to keep the forums cleaned up. Apologies.

Same here ;w;

No it’s cool. I was just confused on why a Game Station game couldn’t be included in Game Station ^^"

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I’m only bad when recording…


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i got bogey +9 a lot but a sudden hio in the first hole in velocity (or whatever its called)


yes, that
something with planes and physics