I am Sam - IGN ShadyCake

Hello all I am Sam - ShadyCake I have started GM Tower Sometime in the Lobby 1 Period. I discovered Gmod tower from the yogscast back when they played it. I found out about TU when I was going to donate, since I went to donations and it said about Tower Unite on kickstarter, I backed it and tried to get my friends to, but they didn’t. the Campaign failed so I eagerly awaited the Indiegogo one, I bought the $20 package.

I was not on the GMod Tower Forums


  • I like coding and logic (Although I only know python and basic lua as
    of yet)
  • Anime (SUB ONLY dubs dont fit) List of watched anime
  • I am a fan of Trove, an MMO by trionworlds that does things right
  • RoosterTeeth (Mainly RWBY)
  • Tower Unit (Obviously)
  • Multiplayer Games (I always love playing with friends)
  • Garry’s Mod Tower (Also Obviously)
  • Garry’s Mod (The Customization)
  • Games that have indepth customization (E.g. Fully custom body shape, Custom layouts of rooms, placing down furniture in any orientation, even being able to code things yourself!)
  • Making fun of my british stereotype (I am British, and I mean things like wearing top hats and saying ‘Bob’s your uncle!’)
  • My Uncle’s company Splash Damage
  • Humble Bundle
  • Pixel Art
  • More that I haven’t thought of yet


  • People who hate me
  • General people that are annoying and don’t know what manners are
  • That guy that shouted at me on the bus for accidently bumping into him while it was packed
  • The art style in Code Geass (They are stick figures, doesn’t mean i dont like Code Geass tho)
  • Pay 2 win games
  • More that I haven’t thought of yet

Oh and also, I can resist the power of Gaben’s power, that he name the Steam Summer Sale.

So do I! I like C#, VB.NET and lua :smiley:

Holy SHIT! Really!? Your uncle must be loaded.

Eyup, love it to :smile:


I find that ironic, as your uncle is part if splash damage, and Dirty Bomb (if you want to get awesome weapons) is kinda p2w.

Awesome intro, @ShadyCake! Hope to see you more on the forums (Well, I actually have, but never mind).

I still haven’t actually played the game yet, my pc is too bad, also any P2W games I can always resist the temptation to pay

I can never lol :frowning:

I made a few things on my deviantart they’re not the best, but they’re something.

They’re actually quite good! Nice work :smile:

@SirParadox, That one took me ages to animate, 3D animating in pixel art is a challenge