*Hyena Noises*

That ol darn hyena has returned!
Been around since back in the 09 days of GMT and the madman behind the buhyenas when the rabbit models were still around :v

Haven’t been all that active though in the last few years but glad to see the gang finally branching off that old sandbox!

Hyena Noises


Hey @DarnHyena. Pull up a chair and enjoy your stay! :smiley:

Welcome! :smiley:

I’d say fox noises, but, eh…

-it appears people don’t understand jokes, oh well-

Sir, sir… s’cuse me Sir


Why do we have people like this on the forums…

Glad to see you finally here, Welcome! :smiley:

So you seem to be here now.

             You cannot escape the noises

[Horse noises] :horse:

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Quite horsein around

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Keep it down up there you crazy kids!


Ooh are we talking about horses now?

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Welcome aboard! :speedboat:

Welcome in our base!

BIRD NOISES :bird: :bird: :bird: :bird:

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