Hunger Games


dissapointed cat





This penguin I spent 10 ish dollars on in a Minecraft server


King Buxton


Brian of Nazareth

Use for death screen



and Scooby


The cool DENMarkus


me, the badmotherforker


Pink Diamond

Use for death screen


Crying Goomba

Savage Nega-Nope

fresh out of my archive of old avatars


dancing h letter

use as death image:


My photoshop of the smug cosmic catsack posted here:


1 because we needed 1 character for this left
now it can START


Alright Spydermann, if you want this to start, lets do this.

Ruby 1FD Cut 4ND AKA Eyeball


Need I remind you, that if the image does not link with the mouse, I can’t add it, so I’m having to insert alternative images.

Anyway let the games begin.


Day 1


A Single Pale Rose spoilers: Pink Diamond faked her own shattering so she can live as Rose Quartz. That is not happening here.


Night 1

Day 2



Due to an issue with the Engineer’s image, the image shall now be known as X.


Scooby and H split up to search for resources

the most ambitious crossover event in history

(Edit: Win for me, Dancing H!)


rip crying goomba
he will be missed by none but one


Night 2

Day 3



NOOOO H why did this happen we wanted him to come out on top