Hunger Games


Alpha Trooper

BMW i3

P.S. I didn’t get 200 replies for nothing, I just like playing this game.





Quite possibly my most amazing creation in LDD: Burntorte


Dancing Jesus


I think it’s time…


and this for His Death Screen


Erm didn’t we have Grand Dad in season 6?

Ok 7 Grand Dad but this one will be named Grand Dad 3D.



Demon looks more like an angel, but ok.

Xin Zhao

Death Screen:

Death Screen for Lee Sin (which I’ve add already before, it’s for him):

Also: How much more do we need? + I’m not sure if Patryk’s tributes will be in game, I don’t have anything against it, but he won’t be here prob.


I’ll still include his tributes except for some.


Wellsian Tripod


Use for his death screen

If his death screen appears, I will say, “Next time, Stay in the Bag!”


The New Moon Man (Note, not associated with Mac Tonight)



It was the Forum Game’s Birthday on May the 4th!
Happy “LATE” Birthday to this thread!


Edna Krabappel

Use for her Death Screen



Use this for his death screen


Ahem. I am labelling that as FN-2199. I’m sorry.


Blue Diamond

Zygarde Complete

Use for “Death” Screen


I’m getting tired of waiting. Ever since the 48 Tribute rule was introduced, people have been ignoring this thread.

Should I reduce the Tributes?

  • Return to 24 Tributes
  • Stick to 48 Tributes.
  • Have 36 Tributes.
  • Don’t Bother Playing.

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How many more tributes do we need anyway?


Currently there are 39, we need 9 more.


Office Chair Man

(To concide with the (Kinda) popular game: Help the Office Chair Man travel the world!)


I’ve decided to Start the Game, so I got new tributes.

Dragon Bolt



Gypsy Moth

(I know I’m bending the 4 tributes per post rule but I decided to get this started.)



Mars Mission Alien Commander

Shadowstrike S70