Hunger Games



You trying to use your trident to spear fish?


[*] Birb
Saved our lives
stolen our hearts

you will never be forgotten


Night 3

Heh Epsilon and Zeta forming a truce, they’re brothers!

Day 4

The Fallen


I love how all Chris-Chan has done so far is collect flowers, look for water, collect fruit and sleep.


heh, spider is doing pretty good

random video of spider in Geometry Dash


Franis is doing well


Night 4

Day 5

The Fallen

Yellow diamond is not amused at her “death”


wait how’d Baron die? i am so lay-z to look.


Baron got ganged up on.
Karma for ganging up on the dragon in Little Crusaders.


Night 5

Day 6

The Fallen


Rip Patry…

I’m PatrykPL24 Aka Patryk! Not Patry!

Well, at least the person imitating me got pretty far


Opps, sorry about that.


Night 6


Day 7

The Fallen

The death image for Tai Lung is Messed up, I blame Wikia images.


heh he is a X picture now! such a good death picture.


Night 7

Day 8

The Fallen

3 Left, make your votes now.

  • Delta
  • Francis
  • Glados

0 voters


GLaDOS told stories to shockwave then poisoned his drink…

Killing him…

GLaDOS just proved that even after Chell, she is still a fucking savage


Glados is triggered now


Final Showdown
Night 8

The Winner


Alright, that was a good one. Prepare your new tributes for Season 18.


At least my Cuddles wasn’t at last place : D

This time bunny as well, but not from HTF. Greet Judy Hopps:


Sister Location pack!

Funtime Foxy

use it for her death

Funtime Freddy

Use it for his death


Use it for her death

Circus baby

Use it for her death


Minireena 02




(use one frame)




Eggs Benedict

Use it for his death screen


And finally,
Exotic Butters