Hunger Games


Night 8

Day 9

The Fallen

Well that was short, Lets go to Night 9

Day 10

The Fallen of Day 10

1 on 1 Final Showdown, who would win?

  • Internet Layers
  • Pixel and Voxel

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Computer Science seems to have won the games, regardless of whoever wins. I suppose knowledge really is power…


It doesn’t matter if the guys win or lose, it’s how you play the Hunger Games. FINAL SHOWDOWN

The Winner


Well done gentlemen, we’re gonna take a little Hiatus. But don’t worry, we’ll be back, for season 17! In 2017!


Ok Everyone! Hiatus Over, Lets do this!


Toshihiro Takeda




In season 2, there was a Skeleton Chair
In Season 14 (Halloween Special) There was another Skeleton Chair.

So there has been some sorcery again.


Lava Roborider


Kid Buu

Use this for his death screen


She is out for vengeance after Season 15 and 16. (Not to mention she cannot trust humans.)



The French Taunter

He’ll fart in your general direction!



Birb the Bird

Use this for his death screen

Tai Lung

Use this for his death screen



Welp…if this is still going, I am throwing Azuma Tokaku in (I would make a joke here but then I might be spoiling things :stuck_out_tongue:)




The above are in the same district

Yellow Diamond

Use this for her “Death” Screen

Yeah I know diamonds are hard to defeat but This is Non Canon.



mlg @PatrykPL24


Mindstorms EV3 Robot



Psychedelic Mind


Stoning Official

Use this for his death screen

Sirius Black

Use this for his Death Screen


The Laser Virus

Glass Thunder Man


E-103 Delta

E-104 Epsilon

(I’ve got high hopes for these two, their literally walking weapons.)
(Both come from the same district)


Lets not Forget E102-Gamma

Or E105-Zeta

Also in same district.

And E101-Beta

I almost forgot, What about E100-Alpha (AKA Zero) ?





Use this for his death screen