Huge delay placing items in condo + equippables


I’ve had this issue now for over a month, I put it off to the inventory issues that came up but it’s still at it.
When I place an item, nothing shows for a stupendously long time. It used to be instantly as it is still for many players, I’ve had condos with 9000+ items where it was instant, then suddenly it became delayed. Now to the point of sometimes taking over a minute to appear. Video for demonstration(you should probably skip, whole video is waiting for 1 item to load).

You’ll see I’m on Linux, but it happens on Windows too, some friends have also got this delay on Windows, so not just me.
What I know so far;

  • Began over a month ago for me.
  • Doesn’t matter if the map is empty or not, any map, even if you remove all condo files. Fireworks in the plaza are also delayed when placing.
  • When the item finally appears, I have like 3 seconds of “instant” placement, I can get about 3-6 items down, then it suddenly takes forever to load again.
  • I have nearly 24k items total, but friends that experience this have less than me, and I remember placing items distinctly working fine at 22k items at least.
  • Equipping items like jetpack, guns & pets etc. are also delayed, sounds related.

I hope someone can shed light on this, it’s not just me, but you can see how frustrating it can be to build, in fact it prevented me building for over a month now because it’s depressing. Half of building is waiting, the video is the worst it happened yet, it’s usually around 10-15 seconds to appear.


I’ve just manually consolidated your inventory, is it any better now?


That as fast, my game loads insanely faster now, almost instantly. Items are loading instantly! I love you.


Woo! Good to hear. We still need to automate consolidation, but if you know anyone else with the same issue, go ahead and PM me their steamIDs (or tell them to) and I can do that in the meantime.


I know this is a support thread that is solved but out of curiosity, what is consolidation? Is there a way for users to do that themselves?


I don’t know what technically was going on but there were issues with the Steam inventory some time ago, I think the inventories became so huge it started to cause problems loading it all. After consolidation my Steam inventory went from saying 23700 items to 379, it’s not showing duplicates any more which is far better and now everything is loaded way way faster.

This issue also fixes that 8th slot bug, I can use all 8 slots everywhere now.
It will eventually be done to everyone, this is Foohy’s quote from my PM;


Yep you hit the nail on the head. It’s basically just organizing the item backend so that instead of
“1 turtle, 1 turtle, 1 turtle, 1 turtle”
it’s just a single turtle item with a “quantity” of 4.


it also happends to me, or maybe it’s because i have 450 items in my condo :thinking: