Hub games

So yesterday i made a post about hide and seek but because something close to it is already in the making i thought of something else. What about small minigames u can play in the hubworld that you can start up real quick and don’t have to join anything special for. There could be games like:
-hide and seek
-maybe even much more

GMT had Checkers and Chess back in the gamesworld, I’m sure those will return.


There’s already laser tag being made, which is on the boardwalk (to my knowledge), so it’d be pointless to just do some regular tag mode. Kinda the same deal with hide and seek, it’d be wasted effort, when most players will just play the fully fledged horror hide and seek-ish mode.

But as Fluffy said. Checkers and Chess will most likely return

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What would be the point of tag when everyone sprints at the same speed?


Well shit