Howdy! I'm Gokee, the Gmod Tower Veteran

Okay, maybe I’m not that much of a veteran. From what I recall, I joined Gmod Tower around the same time you had to use a separate program to update the files. Not sure how long ago that was, but you can probably assume it was quite the time from now.

So yeah, I’ve played Gmod since the times where there was this thing called an addon folder and the advanced duplicator couldn’t be downloaded off of Strange times, they were, but during those times I learned how to make simple Gmod videos, like the stop-motion stuff. I made a few that probably don’t hold up to today’s standards, then went through a brony phase where I made pony videos that got over 500,000 views! Personally looking back them, the animation and slapstick humor is the only thing that is worth watching for, it’s just the other cringey pony related memes that keep me from wanting to talk about it. I also joined forces with another guy named JealousMoose that I actually met through Gmod tower, where we made little stylized lets-play thingies for fun. Those are pretty good, and I plan making some type of successor to those someday, considering the fact I’m too busy to make fully animated videos anymore.

But yeah, Gmod Tower has always been such an interesting concept. I love how it’s designed so you’re all like “Oh! Can’t wait to go and play some fun minigames for money!” then you’re all like “Oh! Can’t wait to go back and spend my money on skins/furniture/etc.” and you are stuck in this cycle for hours, months, and years. So when I heard Tower Unite was becoming a thing, I backed it immediately on kickstarter. Unfortunately that didn’t get funded, and I forgot to fund the IndieGoGo fund. So now I’m stuck here waiting for some type of early access I can use to play the game.

I really hope it captures to wacky spirit of Gmod Tower, and hopefully reaches out towards those dark themes as well. (Whatever happened with the Streamer? Didn’t follow up on that mystery until recently.)

Welcome to the Pixeltail Community Forums!

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I like how you call lobby 1 people veterans too, good old times

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Howdy @Gokee. Welcome to the forums and enjoy your stay :smile:

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Heh, I played GMod Tower since the second gamemode launched in August 2012 yet I don’t really call myself a veteran.

Anyways, welcome to the forums, Gokee!


Welcome to the forums!

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Welcome to the Towers, Forums, my personal stalking network… Whatever name you preffer.

I still do remember those old times you mention when TortoiseSVN was the only way to gain content, Garry Newman personally arranged for the tower to have a 128 player capacity and we prettymuch annihilated the CPU within the first hour of the release, players also bypassed the maxplayer limit so the server ended up on 131 out of 128 players as far as I recall.

At that time we had raids of rabbids, upcomming TF2 class updates, Ballrace was still a huge thing !
Oh and don’t get me started on Trivia, back then people played that…

Anyhooves, welcome to our group and much love :two_hearts:

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Welcome dude! Nice to meet you!

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Welcome aboard! :ship:

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Greetings traveller

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