How will Workshop be handled?

I’d say so as well. Blueprints allow for super fact prototyping which can be very helpful before going and porting it all to C++.

The other great thing about having Unreal Engine 4 is having complete source code access. Being able to modify, add, or remove features that you no longer need, is amazing. In the latest live stream, Foohy relieved he took a sound engine from Unreal Engine 3 and ported it into Unreal Engine 4. You would have a hard time doing this without being able to modify the engine. Another great technology this could also be helpful for, is the Arcade Game API that Zak is building. I don’t know much about how he achieved this, but I’d make a guess he’s modified the engine a bit to help him.

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I remember when my GTX 460 was awesome. It would support a whole ton of games and I even had Physx support.

Seven years later, I’m meeting the min specs for new games :cry:


Gee, they sure do age slow.

I bought a R9 270 last year and I already fear how much in 2-3 years I will be reduced to low settings games. :anguished:

That or Old School games, which are also fine.

Thats how The pc master race Works :smiley: when i bought my 970 i know that in 1-3 years i need a New card.

Could forced server add-ons possibly negatively impact join time? Would a server with add-ons be displayed as one, or would it only be a part of modded servers? Sorry to bump the post btw

Presumably servers would have a “Ranked” or “Unranked” tag on their listing. If you’re unfamiliar with that term, ranked will be 100% vanilla, Unranked will allow modding, but steam inventory doesn’t carry over to the lobby, Aka your items and units earned on Unranked servers will only be on those specific servers that you earn them on

Yeah I read about the ranked/unranked servers coming up, thanks for the confirmation