How will Workshop be handled?

Will the data frameworks handle downloading workshop content for other players?

For example, if I had a player model from the workshop, but someone else didn’t have that model downloaded, what would they see?

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I think that when you join the player if he had that model it would be an error (if you didnt have it) but in the place where its the official tower unite server I think they wont allow custom models but ones that get highly rated will be added

The “Error” is a characteristic of Source games, not UE4. I’d have to assume it’ll revert to a basic model. All of this is assuming custom playermodels will be a thing.

Ah yes I forgot that this isnt running the source engine, (all though I wish it did ;/) , so yes it would probably just be the basic model that everyone gets when they first get the game

lol why
source is absolute garbage for anything of this scale
just look at GMT. It’s often unplayable with how bad the networking and lack of optimization is within the Source engine.


We will have support for custom player models through Workshop.

If you join on a server that has the workshop addon, it’ll download it for you (if you don’t already have it).

If you have a workshop addon applied to yourself and the server you join doesn’t have it - it’ll default to another model.


What if the addon happens to be something I don’t want, say an Explicit Playermodel.

Any workshop addons that have overly explicit stuff will probably be removed from workshop.

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Alright. How about for instance, what if I want to blacklist…ehh I dunno, Anime Girl Workshop Player Models. Is there a system in place for that? Can I blacklist a workshop addon to not be added to Tower Unite? And if so, what happens with the player model?

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Hopefully they replace it with a giant black bar that says [CENSORED]

We could work on a filter system is there is enough need for it.

We’ll see how it goes after Workshop stuff goes live.


The reason @cold_finger is because Source engine is very stable and can run better on more computers and comes with a console with decent command on UE4 you need better hardware witch means less players and it’s buggy. and the reason GMTower lagged is because they weren’t very good servers / low specifications if you understand what I mean.

To clarify, UE4 (and UE games in general) are VERY scalable. The minimum (for this game at least) being a 460 or a 5850 means that ridiculously cheap cards could run this game. Source games are also scalable, but because it’s an old engine, the capabilities are limited. UE4 is scalable and has a ton of stuff you can do with it.

GMTower lags just because it really is the absolute most you can do with the Source engine imo. I’m sure if they wanted, they didn’t have to piggyback off of Gmod, but I’m not sure how that would’ve gone for initial adoption of Gmod Tower.


I’m sorry, but that’s wrong. One of the main reasons the Source engine sucks for GMod Tower, is the fact that it isn’t multithreaded (Garry’s Mod’s version isn’t anyway). It’s all locked to a single core. Meaning that Rendering, Physics, Logic, Networking, those all have to share the same core. This is especially bad considering GMod Tower pushes the limits on what the Source Engine can do. On something like my computer, Gmod Tower gets an average of 44 FPS. On the new Alpha, I get around 120FPS. I really don’t think server lag has anything to do with it.

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lol the servers themselves do not affect framerate.
The Source engine is outdated garbage in comparison to UE4 and you are wrong for thinking otherwise.


Source 2 seems to handle multi-coring much better (in fact, the whole thing works much better in everything overall). Despite the latest branches of Source having support for multicore, they still do a low quality job at it, only sharing the the overall work between 2-3 cores even if you have 8.

UE4 is indeed much more “weightable” but if I was to pick an engine for this game it would either really be it or Unity, since those two engines have the biggest documentation and userbase now days. (And the whole “trembling effect” in source is getting old quick).

@caboose700 source engine can actually run games with multiple cores (multiple threads) you just have to set it up to do so by using the -thread howmanythreadsyouhavehere in the launch options

I think there is no need talking about The engine choice. The Devs will know why the took UE4 over Unity and Source.

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I think it comes down to experience with the two. In an earlier livestream, they chose UE4 over Source 2 mostly because Source 2 wasn’t out yet, and they didn’t know the capabilities of it. UE4 is also ridiculously pretty compared to Unity, and I think they wanted to make the game look as good as it plays.

A work-friend of mine recently made a comparison between the graphical capabilities of Unreal 4 without the Starter Pack and Unity 5. Both right now are able to achieve the same graphical status, you probably have to tweak more stuff in Unity, but that’s part of Unity’s philosophy as a whole.

If I was to make a guess, I would say that the Blueprints and C++ are probably the reason they picked Unreal over Unity, as Unity has no Visual Scripting (it’s planned on the long run) and doesn’t come with the source code.