How will we update alpha versions?

On the youtube video sent to alpha participants, @Zak stated that there are many versions of Tower to come. How will we update alpha versions?

I’d guess either they upload each individual build to Mega Upload as they have done with this build
Since they have been Greenlit on steam, they could possibly distribute builds from there.

time will tell I guess

They will distribute them through Steamworks. The non-Steam alpha won’t be updated at all

There is a steamworks version inbound. They were under insane time constraints due to the amount of demand and used this first system initially. I’m assuming the build has been pushed to Steamworks at this point and Steam keys will be e-mailed accordingly by the end of the campaign/next update.


Thanks for the clarification :smiley:

This is accurate.
We are currently sorting things out with Valve to get distribution set up on Steam.