How will Closed and Open Alpha/Beta work?

Sorry that Im bad at this kind of stuff, but how will it all work? Will it be a game on Steam for just testing? Early Access? A download similar to the new Ballrace demo? Sorry if this is to early to ask, but from it being a week from now, Im hyped up for Closed Alpha.

You will probably get a key. From there you should be able to redeem the key in Steam, and the play the alpha.

You love the word “via”, do you? :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, I also think we will get a key for the closed alpha, ya know, just like with Evolve Closed Beta?

Closed alpha is strictly for the backers. You’ll get a key through an email.

Steam Early Access is our first public release. We will treat it like a first release, not some sort of “alpha”.

So Alpha will be on Steam?

And when it`s going to be released?

Closed alpha will not be on Steam. It’ll be released on July 20th.

Thanks guys for the answer, but I have another question. Since I got Early Bird Gamer, it stats Ill earn a key to closed alpha. But if I pay 15$ I get access to open beta (Early Acess). With 10$, do I get closed alpha and Early Access? If not, can I pay for Early Acess in the future? Again, Im bad about this kind of stuff :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Has there been any talk about what might be included in the Closed Alpha?

Well, here you go: What to expect in Closed Alpha (July 20th) and a few questions

How will we get oue Alpha keys? I thought emails were sent after the Indiegogo campaign, and it starts on the 20th. How will this work @macdguy ?

Yep, they are going to be send through e-mail on 20th July.

Oh, they are going to also emails on the 20th. Ok, got it.