How to tell if i'm bored


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I don’t understand people who feel the need to post a reply on every topic


I came here because I was bored.

Regular rank, oh shit i lost it again, it goes so fast :person_frowning:

there’s not really any benefit to being regular other than being able to move and retitle topics

And be in the “cuol cleb”. But I just post my view on what ever that post is about… And it just so happens that no one else is posting anything so i’m the only one.

I don’t know why I care about Regular so much, the only benefits you get from it is the ability to move and rename topics (well uh, and bragging rights, but why), and I never use these things anyway, besides one time where I moved an introduction thread from suggestions to introductions. And I am pretty sure it was just a spambot trying to silently advertise a website.
I am very active on the forums though, so why not? I visit it pretty much every day.

I lost my rank because i don’t use the liking system at all, screw this then, if i like something i’ll post why, not press a button