How to play Minigolf


(both of them were in the same game, two holes later)


Well yea, I know this is how we play minigolf!!

Everyone else rolls on the green grass… what a bunch of retards…

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Nah this is how you play minigolf…


How did you replace a course with the demo one?

In one of the old old old builds they had a map named MG_Island. Knowing that it would be removed from the files soon I copied that shit lol. Just found it laying around on my computer so today when I was testing Tower stuff in UE4 I decided to paste the Island map in my Tower Unite content files. I renamed MG_Garden to MG_Custom, then renamed MG_Island to MG_Garden. I then created a Garden server & put me in the Island map. Before it was actually playable, but now I think the models that were in that map have been removed from the game files, so they show up invisible, as you see in the picture above.


You genius



Welp, seems like you guys win.

Can you theoretically put custom maps in with this method?

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I’ve been trying. I’ve made a custom test map for ballrace and did the method, but when I started it, it just kicked me back to main menu. So no, believe it doesn’t work with custom maps, only maps that were in the TU files before.

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