How to make enough money to buy canvases in bulk

title^ how to make money

Im so so sorry, but

just play alot of minigames

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I personally play ZM:Compound solo.

I recommend getting good at a gameworld. Virus pays out quite well if you’re good, and it’s not too hard to get quick cash from doing solo runs of Zombie Massacre (about 20K in 20 minutes for a successful “hard” week, if I’m remembering correctly).

Casino could pay out well, but unless you’re willing to sit and grind for hours I’d personally recommend against it. That said, if you want to put something on (like a podcast or video) while idly tapping away at your spacebar, then it’s definitely worth considering.

I actually just got my first Triple Diamonds jackpot while listening to The Adventure Zone the other day. I made about 100K from that, but considering how many non-consecutive hours it took I don’t think it really had a high units-per-minute rate.


I used to be good at virus but ive spent my entire stash of units on an entire project that might not turn out well

if you’re good at a minigame, play the minigame ( f.e. minigolf 2 or 3 maps which you’re good at ).
if you’re impatient or you dont have enough time, play grand quest. if you have much time, play triple diamonds.

Thats how i got the money to buy canvases.

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I’d say ZM or Virus over casino if you don’t struggle in those. Also try Bowling. I’m sitting at about 13.5mil after blowing money on canvas walls recently and almost all of that money is from Bowling with a smaller chunk from Virus.

can’t wait to see new games being added so players can have their mindset less on grinding and more on playing addictively lol

Zombie Massacre as single-player pays well if you’re good.

I just grind mini golf, ball race, and little crusaders, because I find those the most fun. Little crusaders pays out decent if you’re good with the dragon and kill all the knights every time. Other than that, ball race is probably the best payout of the 3.

I played virus once. Never gain. The mechanics are super clunky, and the zombie spawns are annoying. Just not for me, I prefer a more refined shooter (which I didn’t really expect to come from a mini game, within a game

Just out of curiosity, when did you play Virus? It’s gotten gradual updates over time for ages now. From weapon predictions, to fixing the radar/player outlines, to remodeling most the weapons, to remodeling/reanimating the zombies while adding gib support, to just now adding reload sounds. I’ve been very happy with how much love Virus has gotten over time.

edit: reload sounds not animations.


Me? I played virus last Friday. The way the zombies move just makes it super hard to aim at them. And they just end up bum rushing me and since they take so many shots to kill, I’m busy fighting 1 or 2, and a third comes from behind and gets me.

Just some quick tips if you wannah give it another shot in the future:

  • Always keep an eye on the radar to ready aim for zombies coming around a corner and to watch your back
  • Keep your best weapons on last rotation and quick switch with ‘q’ instead of reloading
  • Right click with Double-Barrel/Left click with Flak cannon usually is instant kill, if you miss or graze just quick switch to another gun and spray
  • Jukes work more often than you’d think
  • Use that adrenaline in case of emergency or save for last ~20 seconds, c will instantly use it usually (have to double tap it sometimes)
  • Don’t let that TNT go to waste, can be chucked at tailing zombies for an easy kill or to reinforce a spot you’re defending

If your ping is under 50 the aiming shouldn’t be too janky.


thanks for the tips, should be helpful