How to Fish on Water Without a Tube

Many avid fishers know that you can fish while on a tube. Join a populated server, and you’re almost guaranteed to see at least one person fishing from their inflatable O. But what if you didn’t need some implement to fish in the water? What if you could swim and fish at the same time? Well, my friend, today’s your lucky day! In four simple steps, I can get you fishing from the water with nothing but your buoyant body keeping you afloat!

  1. Place a firework over the water you plan on fishing in.
  2. Stand on firework.
  3. Ignite the firework.
  4. Start fishing and ignore any searing pain in your legs that standing on top of a live firework may cause.

Once you’ve done this, the firework will disappear, and your still fishing body will plunge into the water! Fear not, even after catching a fish, you can cast again (so long as you don’t move from that spot).


Pixeltail pls don’t patch this.