How to earn units, still confused?

Here is what I know so far, I might be wrong about this though. You cant earn units in any server, on less you earn them on an Offical server. Is there a way to play singleplayer/ on your own server to earn units? If you have to make a server, how do you make one, and is it hard?

Units wills be earned from playing on game worlds.
Units will be awarded if you are playing a Ranked server.
Ranked servers can be hosted either by PixelTail Games or by any of the community members.

Units earned on Ranked servers will carry over to any other Ranked servers that you choose to play on.

Units earned on Free servers will only be saved on that exact server. They will not transfer to other Free servers and will not transfer to Ranked servers.

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You know how you earn garrybux GMC in GMod Tower right now?

You earn units the exact same way.

Can anyone, like me, make a ranked server? Like one that has no mod support and carrys Units over from the Offical Servers?

As the server owner of a Ranked server you are only allowed to use certain moderator tools, such as kicking/banning and all that good stuff. You cannot give yourself or other people Units or items.

:fireworks:Wow, that good to know. Thanks! :fireworks:

Incorrect. All servers can earn Units.

Really? Cool.

It’s just that Unranked servers don’t have unit-transfer between each other (Unless it’s coded by the community of that server)

Guess I wasn’t clear, since I was talking solely about Units that are tied to your Steam account.


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