How much will this game cost in other currencies?

Hi there. This is a question to PixelTail Games.

I was just wondering about the pricing of the game for countries that do not use the American Dollar. Sure, I could just type something like “$15 in Pounds” into Google and get an estimate, but estimates are not something I like when it comes to finances. If possible, could you please announce the planned prices for the game in all used currencies? I know that there is probably quite a few people who would like to know the same.

Thank you for reading this and continuing to develop this game. I simply can’t wait to buy this game.

(I could only find the Dollar pricing of this game, so I apologize if you have already announced the other prices.)

I would assume that it would be $15 USD converted to your local currency. It would all depend on the exchange rates of your country.

Steam tends to be really stupid with currency, or at least, that’s what I’ve seen in the past.
You may want to anticipate Steam charging you 15 pounds, even though it’s only 15 USD in America.
I’m not sure if they amended that or if they are still going along with that system.

Here in Brazil, $15 would cost 58R$ (Brazilian Real (yeah we are fucked)), but steam cut some of it, here it will probably be like 30~40 R$. So we will have to wait for the price on Steam.
I will pay no matter how much.

Steam tends to use a fixed system when it comes to charging in different countries which is updated periodically.

I went and got a rough conversion from steamdb using The Crew as an example, while it is on sale at $15, which converts to £12.49 in the UK, so unless the system is updated between now and release, which I highly doubt will happen, you should expect to pay £12.49.

You can also use that page as an estimate for other currencies too. :smiley:

It would cost $21.30 Here in australia.


Steam doesn’t really like to convert into other currencies when the difference isn’t significant. So I’d say Canadian and Australian Dollars and Euros will stay the same.