How much modding will be allowed?

As much as we all want a game that can be modded as much as possible I feel like allowing too much modding will be dangerous for the game. Things like adjusting the basic settings of the servers, having custom maps for certain gameworlds and player model trails would be fine but I’m worried about people who will have servers with ridiculous custom add ons, broken condo layouts, offensive furniture and player models and things like that.

I think the way you guys should handle is similar to how TF2 adds player made weapons and hats. Every couple of weeks do a sweep of steam workshop and furniture, player models and maps that prove popular can be added to the vanilla game.

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The idea behind modding/workshop is to let the community add items that they feel would add value to the game.

We’ll moderate workshop, if only for explicit content, but otherwise it will ultimately be up to the community.

If you don’t like the add-ons a server is using, simply join another server or create your own.

Workshop content will remain workshop content, we don’t have any plans to add popular workshop addons to the main game as we could not compensate the authors.